14 December 2017,
Eemeel Paintings

nude on bed
Nude on bed
size 50x70 cm
acryl on paper

The artist at work
For many years I am producing in Delft my paintings. Portraits and nudes form the main part of my portfolio. Female portraits are examples which I paint in a typical and recognisable stroke.
The way I paint is close to impressionism, no details like in realism, but rather streaks/spots built my subject. I paint very precisely my personal and thus subjective impressions after careful observations. I have expressionist touches with respect to my use of colors, I use selected colors to show my inner feelings for the subject. My stroke is often very strong. To keep this strength and power in his paintings I prefer to use acryl based paint. In general I choose a central theme, subject or person, this selection is emphasized by the background which only serves to complete the painting. In the paintings this gives a surprising approach of the object.
I find inspiration in Monet, Manet, Degas and Van Gogh.

The artist's statement
A painting must be judged by what we see and feel. Sometimes this process takes place in a second, sometimes we need more time to experience and to enjoy it.
My paintings are figurative. It took a long time to develop my own style which is not intentionally following a trend but is rather formed and recognized by my personality and life experience.
A painting is not only an expression of the artist but also a way to enable others to taste the atmosphere and energy of a painting.
I sign my paintings with "EMIL". Emil is pronounced as Ee-meel.

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