Can’t get your ex out of your mind?

You can’t control when or who you meet. That’s why life works in mysterious ways. Unfortunately, that’s how timing can sometimes be off. 

Just when you think you’re ready to be in a relationship with someone, you may find someone that is still recovering from heartbreak and hung up on their ex.

Or vice versa. If you’re having a hard time recovering, apologizing or admitting when you’re wrong is a big step. While you probably won’t get back with your ex, it is a way to move forward.  

If you have a habit of thinking you’re always right and would rather hold on to your ego instead of making things right and you may want to hold off entering a relationship. 

Focus first on learning how to own up to your mistakes. Reflect as often as you can and become more self-aware about the decisions you make. Everything has a consequence and you can learn and grow from past mistakes.

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