You might not be ready for a relationship

Have you been going on dates and wondering whether you should start a relationship? Or maybe you just moved because you got a new job. Since you don’t know anyone and want to build connections, you might be asking yourself Should I date and seek a relationship due to social norms? 

We may often feel pressured to date when we’re single but entering a relationship is a huge commitment. Have you been reluctant to try but not sure why?

You may not be ready for a relationship. You care more about finding the perfect partner instead of working on yourself. Are you constantly daydreaming about finding your prince, charming or Cinderella when you’re walking down the streets and see many couples holding hands? Or do you listen to love songs as you’re waiting? It’s normal to think about who your ideal soulmate is – Love is exciting. 

When you meet someone you share chemistry with, it’s exciting. But relationships always require work in order to survive, getting butterflies in your stomach, isn’t ultimate love. Sometimes Prince Charming or Cinderella will let you down, and it won’t be perfect 

– Don’t spend all your time and energy finding someone who meets every requirement on your list. Instead work on being the best version of yourself. You’re still working on your goals and discovering who you are, There’s nothing wrong with doing you.

In fact, soul searching is an incredibly moving experience. That’s when you get to reflect, form connections with great people and do more of what makes you happy. 

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